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Sunday School

Asbury offers a variety of Sunday school classes from preschool to adults. Classes run year round and visitors are always welcome. In fact, we encourage you to visit several classes and experience the variety they have to offer.

H=Hope Building   F=Faith Building    J=Joy Building


For all Sunday morning childrens opportunities, click here.


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Adult 9:15am

Name Room # Description
Ascension F023 This is an eclectic class of couples and singles in the 40’s-60’s age range. A discussion-based group using a wide variety of video studies and bible studies.
Bible Studies H216 Are you interested in a serious study of the Bible with a fun-loving group?  We are a varied (married, single, kids, and no kids) who like open Biblical discussion with diverse perspectives.
Celebration H210 A delightfully varied group of individuals of all ages, married and not, who share and affirm, as they learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Christian Families H209/211 We study Biblical principals that guide the raising of Christian families; foster God centered marriages and encourage the growth of a personal relationship with our Lord.
 Cornerstone  J125  A discussion based class involved in Biblical studies focused on strengthening a couple’s relationship with God and each other. Open to couples, and singles, children or not. (early 30’s – mid-50’s).
Faith and Fellowship F001 A friendly Bible study and fellowship group open to all adults. (avg age 40’s and 50’s) Study the Bible in small portions with lots of discussion and opportunities to share and pray together.
Marriage Matters H214 This class is for couples in their 30’s & up, and focuses on the combination of the Biblical worldview of marriage, along with practical application for daily marital living. We want to grow strong marriages that enhance the lives of both spouses, and strengthen family bonds.
New Life H208 The New Life class uses voluntary discussion style Bible studies with an emphasis on living the Word of God by discovering the meaning of Scripture and how it applies to the Christian life. The class is open to all regardless of age, gender, marital status or level of Christian maturity.
Shalom H213/215 Selected spiritual growth topics for couples (30’s and up), with children. “Round Table” discussion on topics relating to improving one’s relationship with God through marriage and parenting, Biblical studies and studies in religion.
Truth Seekers H212 We are a friendly, welcoming class who invite you to come and explore a variety of Bible study topics with us. We take our time growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures and learning to apply God’s wisdom to our lives. We can take you deeper in the Word from where you are!  
Wisdom Seekers F013 We are a class comprised of mostly 30 to 50 year old couples but all are welcome!   Our class focuses primarily on walking through the Scriptures to understand and discuss its application to our lives.  Beginning January 8th we will explore the Book of James.  If you are looking for fellowship in a small group setting please join us.  

Adult 10:45am

Name Room # Description
Adult Singles J126 This class is open to singles of all ages. This is a discussion style class focusing on Bible Study and how to live a Christian life while dealing with current issues and lifestyles.
 Alpha and Omega  H209/211  This class is a biblically-based, discussion style Bible study. All ages are welcome (majority 50’s and up).
Celebration H210 A delightfully varied group of individuals of all ages, married and not, who share and affirm, as they learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
D2J (Devoted to Jesus) H216 This class welcomes special needs adults who want to learn how to be devoted to Jesus, worship God and sing praise songs in a loving atmosphere.  To register, please fill out a questionnaire to help us get to know each class member better.  Also, we ask that one family member volunteer in the classroom one Sunday a month.  Please have the family member fill out a background check form.  Then send the questionnaire and the background check form to Kevin Plank at
Discussion F013 A Bible study using the International Lesson Series of Adult Bible Studies. Open discussion with different discussion leaders. Adults of all ages (majority 50’s and up).
Friendship H208 If you are looking for a serious, solemn, studious class, this isn’t it! Lively discussions of contemporary issues with Biblical themes and references.
Open Hearts Open Door H213/215 Studying the books of the Bible and/or Biblical subjects with personal applications to daily life. This is a group of “middle-aged” people (50’s and up) who are interested in growing in relationship with God. Several class members share teaching responsibilities.
Word 365 H119 This class accompanies Asbury as we read through the Bible together. Everyone seeking to learn and enjoy the Word of God is welcome. No experience necessary.
2=1 Young Couples  H214 We are composed of married couples generally in their 20s and 30s with or without children.  There are also opportunities to join small groups that meet weekly.