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Home School


Asbury School operates as a home school ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church. Alabama state law permits home education if it is carried out as a ministry of a local church. The school’s purpose is to inform and assist parents in home schooling their children. This is accomplished by providing support services and activities. Asbury School is a Christian school, and religious principles taught are based on the Christian faith, but it is open as a ministry to families of all faiths.

Teaching at Asbury School is carried out primarily by the parents in the home, with the homes serving as satellite classrooms of the school. Parents periodically provide lesson plans and/or journals to Asbury School documenting a total of 180 days of instruction for each school year.

Group activities, classes, and field trips are also provided by the school. These school functions are intended to supplement the students’ home education and to provide social opportunities for the students. They are in no way intended to entirely provide a child’s education. The families of Asbury School are strongly encouraged to participate in school functions.

School Highlights

Classes on Fridays
School field trips each month
Science Fairs
Literature discussions
Spelling bees
International Day
Fitness class
Art and Music classes
Drama workshops
School photos
Standardized testing

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