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IMG_1966Adult Serving Opportunities

Why Serve? Adults who are following Jesus and want to walk alongside students on their individual paths of discipleship are our greatest asset in the Student Ministry at Asbury. Our dream, our goal, and our desire as a ministry aimed at teenagers is to be with them where they are as they continually journey in their faith development. These students who are invited to seek Jesus alongside us include students from every walk of like, from any background imaginable, from within the church, and including those who would normally never enter the doors of a typical church service. And they are present, available, and receptive to the hospitality and ear of an adult who genuinely cares.

The opportunities for adults to pastor, serve, guide, and engage the youth in and around Asbury are abundant. And they are hugely important. Bake cookies, mentor, play, serve a hot meal, or just sit and talk – every role and opportunity for adults at Fathom is unique and crucial in the weekly joys of youth ministry. Click here or the Volunteer Forms button below for a list of specific ways you can serve.

In the end, we serve in youth ministry not for ourselves but by the strength of Christ and because of what He has done and is continuing to do in our lives and the lives of the students He entrusts to us. Will you join us? If you are interested in serving, please click here to connect with Joe Vonderheide, Associate Director of Student Ministries.


Student Serving Opportunities

Students are in a unique place to use their leadership opportunities for their fellow students in 8th-12th grades, as they learn how they can disciple their peers through experience, service, and practice. You can choose to be in a leadership role for 2016-2017. There will be people who will train and assist you in these roles. See below for leadership positions, and click the Volunteer Forms button to access the sign-up info:


For students who desire to be part of a Christ-centered team, leading others in musical worship. Students practice on Wednesdays at 6pm and lead during Sunday Night Fathom.






TechTeamTech Team
If computers, video, sound, or stage equipment excites you, then join our tech team. These are the behind-the-scene servants that help make everything happen. Students need to be at worship practice on Wednesdays at 6pm and at SNF to participate.




HospitalityTeam Hospitality Team
These people set the tone for Fathom events. They make the first impression for everyone who walks in the door. They serve by greeting people at the door, answering questions, and taking care of the newbies. If you’re a people person, this is for you. You will be placed on a team of 5 and serve one Sunday every three weeks.

Contact: or



KidsTeamFathom Kid Ministry Team
Investing in the next generation is crucial, so we’re gathering a team of students to serve on Sunday mornings in Reign Forest Kid Ministry every third month. For example, you may lead a 3rd grade small group during the 9:15 service for the month of August and then do it again in November.




StudentLeadersStudent Group Leader
Juniors and Seniors who are looking for a place to disciple and invest in our younger Fathom students, this is the place for you. You will get placed with a 7th or 8th grade group and get the opportunity to teach, lead, pray for, and love those younger than you. Student Group Leaders who are discipling others during SNF must also commit to a meeting with a cord and pathfinder one other day of the week. This is to ensure that you are being cared for as you care for others. If you have any questions, concerns, or special needs please email Fathom.