We are a growing family awakening to God and living on mission.


Our History

Back in 1986, a little warehouse on Patton Road in Madison, Alabama, became known as Asbury United Methodist Church. Led by founding Pastor Marcus Long, Asbury was the first United Methodist Church to be organized in the Madison community in more than 100 years. As the city of Madison grew, so did Asbury as it became one of the fastest growing churches in the South. A contemporary service was soon added to the traditional service, and under Dr. Alan Weatherly’s compassionate leadership, even people who didn’t attend Asbury were looking at what God was doing through this family of faith. Asbury came to be known in the community as a place where people could be cared for and connect with the love of God.


Multiplying for the Future

Asbury continued to grow as more people flocked to encounter God through multiple styles of worship, robust kids and student ministries, and Bible studies. With an increased focus on being grounded in prayer and sent on mission, the Asbury family built on the strength of our past to love God and love our neighbor. What started in the little warehouse multiplied into a sprawling center for transformation and has since propelled Asbury to become a multi-site church under the leadership of Dr. Tommy Gray, who came to Asbury as an associate pastor in 2012. In 2017, Asbury’s Harvest campus was established after coming alongside the former Crosswinds Church to continue reaching our neighbors.


By 2018 when Dr. Tommy Gray became the current lead pastor, five services were being held on Sunday mornings in Traditional, Contemporary, and Harvest, as well as a growing online presence through live-streaming Contemporary services and adding an online Mobile worship experience in 2020.


A Contagious Legacy

As we live out our vision of being a growing family awakening to God and living on mission, we celebrate that people of all generations are connecting in authentic relationships with their neighbors where they love and care for those in our community and around the world.


With a plan to lead the Asbury family to live generously as we partner with God and live on mission, we pray to see spiritual awakening happen in marriages and families, our surrounding communities, and beyond. Drawing on our heritage from over 30 years ago, we will take great risks to see His transformation continue to spread beyond ourselves. We will leave a legacy that far outlasts us all, influencing future generations to pursue a life-changing and contagious faith.


As we embrace being a growing family awakening to God and living on mission, we believe this can happen best when we pursue three key ways of life.


Real life is found in a community of healthy relationships. When we encourage each other to grow through honest and transparent interactions, families can flourish. We desire to care for one another well as we seek forgiveness and healing and celebrate how God is at work in our lives.


Full life is found when we invite Jesus to be Lord of our lives. He promises abundant life that is far greater than anything we could hope for or imagine. No matter where you are at on your spiritual journey, there is always more that we can experience as we awaken to more of God.


Kingdom life isn't just for eternity - we're called to bring God's kingdom to earth and be part of His plan to save the world. While we live in between the perfection of God's original creation and His ultimate restoration, we're committed to sharing the hope we have in Him with our city and the nations.

Our Legacy



1986 - Asbury United Methodist Church was launched on March 2, 1986, when 361 people gathered in a warehouse under the leadership of the Reverand Dr. Marcus Long. 


1997 - As Dr. Alan Weatherly began his 21 years of leadership as senior pastor, the church grew to average 2,200 in attendance, with over 1,200 baptisms, and over 1,500 professions of faith.


2018 to Now - Dr. Tommy Gray’s vision as the current lead pastor is to build upon a rich heritage of being a church family that will do whatever it takes to seek God, and go next door and around the world to love people like Jesus does. 





Our Beliefs

Throughout the Bible, there are core teachings that emerge and serve as a foundation for the body of Christ on earth. The central teaching of Scripture is the love of God. This is most clearly seen in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus for a lost and dying world. All of our core belifes flow from the truth that Jesus is the resurrected Savior and He will come again. 

What do you believe about God?
Who is God the Father?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
What do you believe about the Bible?
What is salvation?
What is baptism?
What is communion?
What is my purpose?
What is purpose of the Church?

We are a growing family awakening to God and living on mission.