Madison Students Leaders Serve Events

Hey students! We’d love to have you be a part of Asbury Students in Madison and discover a place where you belong! If you’re a 6th-12th grader (or a parent of one), come check us out in the Five Points Building! (That’s Building 5 on the corner of Gillespie and Hughes Road.)

Sunday Word

Currently Suspended

Sunday Mornings, Building 5

We get it, life is crazy. Whether you’re in middle school or high school, we know you’re already busy with school, sports, spending time with family and friends, and more. That’s why we’ve set aside time on Sunday mornings for 6th-12th graders to be still and come to know God more. During Sunday Word, we’ll help you develop a habit of personal devotional time in the Word. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the topic we’ll be talking about that night in Fathom Groups, where you can help create a contagious atmosphere for encouraging your peers to get in the Word too.

Fathom Groups

Sunday Nights starting August 23, 2020

Middle School | 5-6:30pm Building 5 Gym
High School | 6:30-8:30pm Building 4 Worship Center

We are so excited to kick off in-person student gatherings with Fathom Groups on Sunday Nights for an awesome time of community! Our group leaders will come alongside you as you experience what it’s like to do life together as a church family. Groups are divided up into by grade and gender. This year, groups will remain with the people in their immediate group as members maintain social distancing with each other and with other groups in the space. Masks are now required. Snack Suppers will not be served at this time. Please indicate with your registration if you are interested in a virtual group.  Click here to register.

Serving Opportunities

Click here to see a list of ways you can serve with Asbury Students.

We talk a lot about applying your faith in real life, and our serving opportunities are a great way to do just that! We love helping students learn how you can disciple your peers through experience, service, and practice. Our current leaders will train and assist you in these roles. We also invite adults who are following Jesus and want to walk alongside students as they share their lives and the gospel to serve with us too – click here for adult serving opportunities.

Confirmation Classes

If you’d like to join the next class, please talk to an Asbury Students staff member.

Confirmation classes at Asbury will now bring together 5th-8th graders who are looking to take their next step in faith. Many kids and students at this age may have been part of the church for a while and learned some basic truths; Confirmation allows them to take their next step to be intentional about making their faith their own. Through these classes that are led by Asbury pastors and ministry leaders, kids and students will be encouraged to explore the questions they have about their faith as they are taught what it looks like to grow in their walk with Jesus and live out their faith as part of the church family.

Since participants will only need to go through these classes once during their 5th-8th grade years, we encourage families to wait until their child is ready before enrolling them. These classes will culminate with a retreat before confirmands participate in Baptism Sunday on and receive their official confirmation. Those who have previously been baptized may choose to reaffirm their baptism. The confirmation is optional, not required.

Special Events

Click here to check out our Student Events page with upcoming events (especially the ones you need to register for!), see our yearly calendar, and find student and parent forms.

Throughout the year, we’ve created special events like fun nights, our Back-to-School retreat in August, Word Retreat in January, super bowl parties, mission opportunities, and more. A lot of these provide great ways for you to introduce your friends to what life is like as part of Asbury Students.