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The Downtown Rescue Mission

February 12, 2017 crissaletson
For more than 30 years, the Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM) has served those who are homeless throughout northern Alabama and southern Tennessee. The DRM is able to provide emergency services to anyone in need, as well as hot meals, overnight shelter, clean clothes, showers, free laundry services and toiletries. People who are served by the
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ESL Classes

February 5, 2017 rhondadahlin
We are commanded to take the gospel to the Nations. We take that call seriously and send missionaries and mission teams all over the world. However, something quite remarkable has happened. God is also bringing the nations to our doorsteps…literally. Every week, teachers gather to teach English and share the good news of Jesus Christ
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Arthur and Mary Alice Ivey

January 22, 2017 rhondadahlin
Asbury is committed to making disciples who are grounded in prayer and sent on mission. Furthermore, we want these disciples to make other disciples and are thankful to partner with the Ivey’s who are doing just that through The Mission Society in Peru! In sharing the good news of Jesus, they are training up disciples
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Choose Life

January 15, 2017 crissaletson
In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.  Job 12:10 (NIV)   This verse continues to speak vividly to Lisa Brooks as she serves in local missions through her job at Choose Life. Choose Life is a Christian, non-denominational ministry whose purpose is to offer life-affirming choices, education and
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Asian School Ministries

January 8, 2017 rhondadahlin
We at Asbury want to help the least reached people in this world hear the good news of Jesus Christ. One of these least reached places is a country in Southeast Asia that is predominately Muslim. Within the shadows of Muslim mosques, this mission partner carries forth the good news of Jesus in the most
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Thank you for giving this Christmas!

December 25, 2016 rhondadahlin
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Thanks to you, the Asbury family, once again, this time of year is extra special.   We just finished our Countdown to Christmas initiative at Asbury. And, once again, the generosity of the people at Asbury just leaves me speechless – well, almost.  While the overwhelming support
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Red Bird Mission

December 18, 2016 crissaletson
For many years, Asbury has had a partnership with Red Bird Mission, a ministry located in the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. Red Bird Mission serves its chronically under-resourced neighbors through education, medical outreach, housing and other forms of assistance. For example, the Red Bird Mission School provides Christian based K-12 education for the community. Local
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Conexion Ministries in Costa Rica

December 11, 2016 rhondadahlin
This year we had several teams travel to work with Bryan and Beth Tatum and the Connexion team in Costa Rica. One of our teams traveled to help with a medical weekend for rural villages. A family of four joined the team to help with this week and they were forever changed. To hear the
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Countdown to Christmas: The Greatest Journey

December 4, 2016 rhondadahlin
For years you may have heard of Operation Christmas Child’s Shoebox outreach.  You may have even packed some boxes over the years. But have you ever wondered what happens once they are delivered?   Samaritan’s Purse has a big vision to answer that question. They give the shoeboxes to ministry partners all over the globe.
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Countdown to Christmas UPDATE

November 27, 2016 rhondadahlin
As Countdown to Christmas is in full swing, we want to pause and take a minute to give you an update on all of our Countdown to Christmas initiatives. Once again, all of you who are a part of the Asbury Family have been super generous in caring for others during this season! Holiday Food
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Countdown to Christmas: Lifeline Foster Hope Tree

November 20, 2016 rhondadahlin
Foster Care. It can sound pretty scary. And yet, we have a mandate to care for orphans. One simple way to help care for children in foster care is to help provide needed supplies to those who are working with children who, for many different reasons, are no longer with their parents. Through our partnership
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Countdown to Christmas: Upper Sand Mountain Toy Drive

November 13, 2016 crissaletson
What does working together look like? Many images come to mind, especially around the holiday season. But one in particular stands out. In 1,000 square miles of Southern Appalachian Alabama, there exists a cooperative ministry of eight small churches called Upper Sand Mountain Parish. By working together, this cooperative can take better care of their
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Countdown to Christmas: Operation Christmas Child

November 6, 2016 rhondadahlin
It is part of the fun of the season – buying just the right gift for a loved one or friend. Samaritan’s Purse, through its Operation Christmas Child (OCC) program, has taken that to the extreme in the best possible way. OCC has mobilized churches all around the world to buy gifts for children all around
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Imagine Initiative

October 30, 2016 crissaletson
The Imagine Initiative, even before it was named such, has been a God sized dream in the making for a number of years. What would our community look like if we lived on mission deeply in our daily lives? What would happen if we intentionally invested in building relationships with our neighbors? How is God
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Harvest Youth Club

October 23, 2016 crissaletson
The Harvest Youth Club provides a safe and fun Christian environment for students and volunteers to gather after school and during the summer. During their time at HYC, students learn and grow academically, but also socially and spiritually. Harvest Youth Club staff and volunteers invest deeply into the lives of youth at a vital time
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International Leadership Institute

October 16, 2016 rhondadahlin
The International Leadership Institute knows that leaders matter. In this world, there is an overwhelming number of people who don’t know the Lord. ILI believes that the best chance for reaching people for the Kingdom is to invest in, train, and encourage indigenous leaders. They know the culture, have established relationships, and, in many cases, already have
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Oil Change Ministry

October 9, 2016 crissaletson
For the last several years, the Asbury Oil Change Ministry has helped repair and maintain nearly 400 cars of single mothers, widows, and military spouses of the deployed. While some volunteers perform safety checks and auto maintenance, others interact with women and children as they wait. This is a wonderful service in our community carried out by Asbury folks
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Life in Abundance

October 2, 2016 rhondadahlin
Life in Abundance (LIA) is a partner that doesn’t believe in handouts – they aim to tackle the problem of poverty in a more comprehensive manner. Going into communities and working with the local church and local leaders, LIA assesses the needs of the community. Together, they then set up small businesses with a plan that leads to
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Voz de Libertad

September 25, 2016 rhondadahlin
Carlos and Karla Cunningham have an amazing gifting – they minister to men and women in prison in Costa Rica as well as the families of those that are incarcerated. God has so worked through this couple, that years ago, they were given the unimaginable – their very own prison! Now, in addition to working
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Shepherd's Field Children's Village

September 18, 2016 rhondadahlin
One hundred and fifty-three million orphans worldwide. That is a huge number, but Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village is doing something about that in their corner of the world. With four homes, a medical clinic, school, and therapy office, Shepherd’s Field fosters special needs children who have been orphaned. They provide a loving home environment and advocate
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His Hands International

September 11, 2016 rhondadahlin
Clean water. It’s not something that we think about too often. However, Joel and Maite Aycock think about it every day. They work in Honduras, providing water filters to villages in Honduras. These filters are life changing. In fact, villages that have these filters installed have seen a significant decrease in illness and a significant
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Church of God World Mission in Belize

September 4, 2016 rhondadahlin
We have partnered with Dr. Leon and his wife Tirza  for many years. Our partnership with them began in Honduras, moved with them to North Africa, into Panama and now into Belize with the Church of God World Mission. They have a true heart for the people to know the life changing love of Jesus
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Huntsville Assistance Program

August 28, 2016 crissaletson
Imagine you are a single parent, or an older adult with limited financial means. Add to that a few of life’s common occurrences: the car is in the shop for repairs, a medical bill is past due, and a family member is in crisis. Now imagine it’s the coldest part of the winter. You are
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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

August 21, 2016 crissaletson
The 2016 Rio Olympics are nearing their end. I am always amazed, regardless of the sport, of the tremendous amount of training involved. Years of early morning practice, physical training, mental stamina, excellent nutrition, and strength coaches culminate, for some Olympians, in less than 60 seconds. One such athlete is Allyson Felix. Current headlines refer
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United Methodist Children's Home

August 14, 2016 rhondadahlin
I often think of the moment that a child is entering foster care or a children’s home. I wonder how they process the events leading up to that moment, and how they cope with new surroundings and people. Following is a letter from Shannon written to herself as a child living on the Selma Campus
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School Supplies (SS) Kids Ministry

August 7, 2016 crissaletson
I saw the cutest metal lunch box the other day in a grocery store and was immediately taken back to my days of back-to-school shopping at the end of each summer. I remember walking down the aisles of the store to pick out new scissors, folders, and crayons. Sitting at the kitchen table, I’d remove the
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Frontiers: Sharing the Gospel in Asia

July 31, 2016 rhondadahlin
God is doing a remarkable work among Muslim men and women in Asia and the Middle East. I am continually amazed at how God is working in very unusual ways, to show Muslims His all transforming love and grace. We have one missionary family who is serving Asia, praying to reach Muslims with the gospel.
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Limestone Prison Ministry

July 10, 2016 rhondadahlin
“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoner.” These words from Isaiah 61 remind me of a dedicated group of
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Lifeline Kids Camp 2016

July 3, 2016 rhondadahlin
We’ve been blessed to have 8 children visiting the Asbury Campus for two weeks, and to share the story below from Lifeline, written by Mindy Ellis, Accounting Manager at Lifeline Children’s Services: I’ve been at Lifeline for almost a year now and Kids Camp is my absolute favorite!  While I am so grateful for the “church”
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Operation Mobilization

June 26, 2016 rhondadahlin
We have a missionary who we call Paul. Paul serves in a predominately Muslim country. Here is just one story of how God is using this ministry mightily to advance His Kingdom. A few weeks ago a brother and I went to a poor (and notorious) neighborhood on the other side of the city. We
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The Mission Society in Peru: The Ivey's

June 19, 2016 rhondadahlin
I play this board game called “Pandemic” with my kids. The goal of this game is to work together to cure diseases that are rapidly spreading throughout the world. Sometimes we win. Often we lose because the disease just spreads to rapidly through outbreaks. Call me strange, but often when an “outbreak” happens in the
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Tent City

June 12, 2016 rhondadahlin
We have all seen it. That homeless man or woman with a cardboard sign pleading, “Please help, I’m hungry and homeless”. If you are like me, at that moment, a flurry of emotions and thoughts pass through my head. Why are they homeless? Is this a scam? What good will my $5 do? How do
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Asian School Ministries

June 5, 2016 rhondadahlin
I really love my position of ministry at Asbury. One of my favorite things about working in missions is the chance to work with missionaries that are serving both locally and globally. Knowing these mission partners both encourages me and stretches my faith in a way that I never realized was possible. To see how
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Asbury Community Thrift Store

May 29, 2016 rhondadahlin
I don’t know if you watch any HGTV, but I do (amid a lot of groaning from the other members of my household). But I love to watch the shows where the old is made new. Shows that take a flea market find and change it into some shabby chic design that I know would
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Inside Out Ministries

May 22, 2016 rhondadahlin
What does poverty look like in a suburban setting such as Madison? This is a question that I have been asking myself for the past three years. I have worked in very urban settings, where poverty is easily identified. Walking down the streets of Chicago, seeing a homeless man sitting on a cardboard box, it
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Embrace 127

May 15, 2016 andrea
  written by Stacy Franklin 153 MILLION Orphans worldwide…the number is overwhelming. How can one person make a difference when the need is so great? How do I answer the call of James 1:27? What gifts do I possess to impact the fatherless? Romans 12:6-8 says, “We have different gifts, according to the grace given
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305 8th Street

May 9, 2016 rhondadahlin
Have you ever had somebody advocate for you? Stand in the gap for you? Has somebody helped you in a way that you would never forget that single act of kindness? I have those people in my life who have helped me when I needed an extra helping hand. I am forever grateful to those
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First Priority of North Alabama

May 1, 2016 rhondadahlin
A North Alabama high school student recently made this statement with all earnestness. A friend invited her to visit a First Priority club meeting, and the invitation had soul-saving impact. “First Priority changed my life,” Elizabeth said. “It definitely brought me to Christ. I’m thankful for everything this group does.” Elizabeth had been alone and
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The Vegas

April 24, 2016 rhondadahlin
It was a pitch dark night. There were no lights around, so the stars on top of the mountains just seemed to stand out with a brightness that the team had never seen before. They didn’t know what to expect from the evening, but what happened was certainly more than they could ever have imagined.
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Wycliffe Bible Translators

April 17, 2016 andrea
I have been studying Mandarin for four years. By studying, I mean working off the Rosetta Stone software. Four years of study have taught me some very simple phrases. “Do you want to play?” “Put on your socks.” And my personal favorite, “It’s time to eat.” While these phrases are extremely helpful in working in
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Mercy Multiplied

April 10, 2016 rhondadahlin
Have you ever been to a place that you just know has a special spiritual meaning for you? It may be the beach, or the mountains, a camp where you first learned about God, or a bend in the road where you encountered Jesus. I have several of those places in my life. I like
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Asbury Food Pantry

April 3, 2016 crissaletson
If you’ve never faced the anxiety that comes with wondering how you’ll feed your family, then this ministry may pass by you unnoticed. The term food insecurity may not register with you. But the fact is that in 2013, approximately 50,000 Madison County residents had limited access to nutritious food or uncertainty about adequate food
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Royal Family Kids

March 27, 2016 rhondadahlin
Summer Camp. Besides Christmas, it was my favorite event of the year. I would count the days until I could attend those amazing days of swimming, bunk beds, and campfires. Summer camp, offered to children in the foster care system, becomes even more precious for them. Children in foster care have experienced an incredible upheaval
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Society of St. Andrew

March 20, 2016 rhondadahlin
It’s one of my least favorite jobs – cleaning out my refrigerator. There always seems to be those leftovers that get shoved to the back, that piece of cheese that has gotten a little too moldy, and the fruit that never got eaten and now is rotten. I think the last one grieves me most
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English Teachers in Asia

March 11, 2016 rhondadahlin
They call themselves ordinary. And, in a way, I suppose they are. They were raised in Madison, attended High School in town, and then studied at a college in Alabama, and one of them even married a nice southern man. However, they are extra ordinary, not because of a super athletic ability or a musical
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ESL at Asbury

March 4, 2016 rhondadahlin
If you have been around Asbury for any length of time, you may have noticed our heart for reaching the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ. You may have seen the posters of teams who have travelled globally, heard a missionary speaker from another country, or have supported a friend who was called
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Choose Life of North Alabama

February 29, 2016 rhondadahlin
I remember the day, the moment, that I found out I was pregnant with Pierson. It was an amazing moment filled with joy, nervousness and excitement at what was to come. Two years later, I had the same sense of anticipation as I found out yet another little one, Sydney, was on the way. This
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Reflections from the Global Impact Celebration

February 24, 2016 rhondadahlin
I had hugged the last missionary good-bye and the Five Points gym was empty. Our last event of our Global Impact Celebration was complete and my only response was to sit and have a good cry, right there in the gym. I suppose I was crying partly because the stress of the week was over,
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Christian Women's Job Corps

February 12, 2016 rhondadahlin
Sarah was a single mom of three boys and her life was marked by pain and impossible circumstances. When I met her, she was homeless and desperate to make a better life for herself and children. The barriers to success seemed overwhelming, but I saw a determination in her eyes that would not die. This
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E3 Partners: Mike & Mary Wagner

February 5, 2016 rhondadahlin
Asbury is committed to church planting and growing disciples in unreached parts of the world. Through our partnership with Mike and Mary Wagner, over 10,000 churches have been planted and many, many more have become Christians over the past four years! Below is a story from Mary about what she has seen and heard: For
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The Downtown Rescue Mission: James Berres' Story

January 29, 2016 rhondadahlin
A scoop of mashed potatoes. I’m not talking about my favorite side with meatloaf; I’m talking about so much more. What good can a scoop of mashed potatoes do? To the hungry, it fills the stomach for a day. But it doesn’t end there. Every week, we have Asbury family members that travel to the
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The Mission Society: Charlie and Mary Kay Jackson

January 21, 2016 rhondadahlin
If you know me, you know I have a love for Dr. Pepper.  I drink entirely too many in the course of the week.  In that same course of the week, my recycling bucket fills up with a pile of aluminum cans. You may be wondering why I feel the need to confess this mild
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Celebrating Christmas in January: A Countdown to Christmas Recap

January 21, 2016 rhondadahlin
I used to wait every year for it – the JC Penny toy catalog.  My Mom would bring it home the moment it arrived at the store. I would cuddle up with a hot chocolate and a warm blanket, and begin to make my plans.  I would scour the magazine, trying to decide which presents
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Our Core Values

December 2, 2015 Michael Panik
Glorify Jesus by worshipping Him as the hope of the world and the heartbeat of our lives. Grounded in Prayer by delighting in ongoing conversation with God. Going on Mission constantly with Jesus into this hurting world, sacrificially living His love. Generous in giving and hospitality out of the overflow of God’s grace to us.
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Our Mission

December 2, 2015 Michael Panik
To make disciples of JESUS who are grounded in PRAYER and sent on MISSION. Three words, Jesus, Prayer, Mission summarize the identity and ministry of Asbury Church. JESUS is the center of our life together at Asbury. He has taught that the two greatest commands are to love God with our whole being and to
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Worship With Us

June 17, 2015 wedding
Services@ 9:15a & 10:45a Worship; it’s about inviting the Holy Spirit to join with us as we magnify His Name. It’s about equipping and encouraging others in glorifying their Father. It’s about preserving a Holy Ground where people are free to surrender their all to the Father Who loves them. It’s about Jesus and nothing more! At
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Asbury UMC is where you belong.

June 17, 2015 wedding
We are so happy that you have decided to check out the growing family of Asbury UMC.  We are one of the fastest growing Methodist Churches in the nation.  As a larger church, we have many different things to offer you and your family. However, what we are most excited about is seeing you join with
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