Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered program that helps us find freedom from the struggles that can take control of our lives, which is why we call our CR gatherings “Freedom Nights” on both our Madison & Harvest campuses. You can come as you are and experience a community that offers a safe place where you will be loved, accepted, and encouraged.

But what do we need freedom from? Let’s face it – life is hard at times, and there is an enemy who desires to destroy our lives. Depression, co-dependency, alcohol, chemical and substance abuse, food addiction, anger, physical and mental abuse, unforgiveness, sexual and relational struggles, pornography and other hurts, habits, and hang-ups can all become strongholds in our lives that prevent us from living free in Christ.

If you’re not sure if Freedom Nights are for you, we want to encourage you that while not everyone might decide to come, it’s for each and every one of us, because we all face some sort of struggle.

Our gatherings include a time of worship, prayer, testimonies, and celebrations. We read the 12 Steps (with their Biblical foundations), and the 8 CR Recovery Principles based on the Beatitudes. Small groups that are gender and issue specific follow worship and provide accountability and discipleship.

At Freedom Nights, you will experience an authentic community that cultivates renewal and restoration. No need to call before you come – family members are welcome!

Madison Campus

Monday Nights

Building 1 Fellowship Hall

5:45-6:30pm | Dinner
6:30-7:30pm | Large group worship and prayer
7:30-8:30pm | Men’s and women’s small groups
Childcare is available at the Madison Campus.

Harvest Campus

Wednesday Nights

5:45-6:30pm | Dinner
6:30-7:30pm | Large group worship and prayer
7:30-8:30pm | Men’s and women’s small groups
Childcare is not available at the Harvest Campus.

CR Groups

Step Study Groups

Celebrate Recovery has three main parts: a large group gathering, open-small groups, and separate men’s and women’s Step Studies. Steps Studies offer you a safe, loving, holy place and time to go deep into your personal life and faith. You spend an eight to nine month journey in a 12-step study that meets weekly, with a handful of other men or women. You will be led by leaders who have been where you have been and are where you are, in a small group time of high accountability, high confidentiality, and high trust where you share in each other lives. This allows for great clarity and healing in your life. It also creates a bond between you and those in your Step Study to give and receive support from each other. There are separate study groups for men and women.  Step Studies meet once a week for two hours on a day and time that varies with each group.

Women’s groups

1. Alcohol and chemical addiction
2. Other Hurts, hang ups and habits: co-dependency, depression, anger, food addictions….etc.

Men’s groups

1. Alcohol and chemical addiction
2. Sexual relationship and pornography
3. Other hurts, habits, and hang-ups: workaholic, co-dependency, depression, anger, food addictions…etc.