College Community

August 6, 2021 andrea Blog


Wednesdays Nights
6pm | UAH Campus CTC Exhibit Hall

What if there was a whole other dimension to faith that you haven’t experienced yet? What if there was something beyond religion, something that stirred your soul to wake up and move from head knowledge to a personal relationship and passionate walk with God? Open to all college students in North Alabama, Awakening HSV is launching on the campus of UAH with weekly community groups that will be filled with a dynamic time of prayer, spiritual mentoring, and creating connections with each other that will transform your life so you can have a powerful impact for God on your campus and in your city. On the first Wednesday of each month resuming in October, we’ll come together at the Asbury Church Madison campus for a corporate time of worship with Awakening Nights.

Let’s pursue God’s awakening in our lives together and watch what happens.

Find more info about our college community here.