Contemporary Worship

April 18, 2019 andrea Blog



The Contemporary Worship team is made up of much more than a band – it takes many different roles coming together to lead people to the heart of God through weekly services. From the worship team on stage, to the production team handling behind the scenes, to those who assist in the special Sundays of baptism and communion, there’s a place for you!


Playing an instrument
Audio, video, lighting, or cameras
Facilitating important moments in a person’s spiritual life


Communion Team This team serves communion the first Sunday of the month for Contemporary Worship guests and Asbury families.

Baptism Team This team provides support on a bimonthly basis for individuals desiring to be baptized in Contemporary Worship services.

Band Members As a band member, you will help create artistic moments in our services that are engaging and excellent. If you play an instrument (whatever it may be), and can play it well with a band, this might be the team for you.

Vocalists As a vocalist, you will help create artistic moments in our services that are engaging, excellent, and authentic. If you’re able to stay on pitch, in rhythm, and sing in front of large groups of people, this might be the team for you.

Audio Team The audio team mixes sound for the worship space, live online service, as well as for our musicians’ monitors. A great ear for music and previous experience are a huge plus when joining this team.

Lighting Team The lighting team operates the lighting in our worship space that creates our service environments.

Camera Team The camera team captures video of the service that is shown on the screens in our worship space and concourse, as well as the video streamed for our online service.

Words Team The words team operates the computer that displays words on the sanctuary screen during the music as well as words on the confidence monitor for our musicians.