Unfiltered Stories from 1 Samuel

May 17, 2021 ejacklin Blog

July 4 – September 5

Madison Campus | Harvest Campus | Mobile Worship

First Samuel is a book of stories. These stories provide up-close, unfiltered, raw descriptions of characters such as Hannah, Samuel, Saul and David. We’re given more than just a clean, perfect, “Sunday-school” image of each of them in this book, but are shown the messy, difficult and less-than-ideal details of their lives. While we find the failures and challenges of these individuals extremely relatable, we also find their triumphs and victories equally inspiring.

The thread that weaves all their stories together is “covenant.” This word means God’s eternal relationship with His people. Each story and character is merely an exploration of God’s covenant, through which we come to know His heart. Is God faithful? Does He see me? Is He powerful enough to keep His promises? These are the types of covenant questions these characters wrestle with, which we get to explore through their lives.

Come on a journey with us into the story of 1 Samuel. Watch prophets, priests, and kings all be used by God to uphold His covenant and restore it when it is broken.

The series will also run during Camp Meeting Days in Traditional Worship, with a more laid back service reminiscent of the old Methodist revival days and featuring a variety of special music groups and styles.

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