May 17, 2021 ejacklin Blog


Reevaluating the Blessed Life for the Skeptic in All of Us
September 12 – October 31

Madison Campus | Harvest Campus | Mobile Worship

In our culture today, we often throw around the word “blessed” like a proud badge of honor.

Things going well in your life? Have a nice car, house, or got to go on a great vacation? “I’m just so blessed!”

How often in your moments of weakness, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, or when you’re in the middle of chaos, do you utter those same words? The truth is, it’s in those kind of situations that Jesus tells us we are truly blessed. What if we started understanding how the blessed life is actually created out of these unexpected places?

As we navigate a world that is fighting for something better, let’s explore the counterintuitive idea that blessing might actually grow out of our places of humility, mourning, hunger, hurt, and conflict so that we can invite each other in to experience the best kind of life. Get ready to have your world turned upside-down so it can be finally be right side up.

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