Life Notes Worship Series

March 22, 2021 ejacklin Blog


Madison Campus: 9am & now 10:45am (previously 11am)
Harvest Campus: 10am | Outdoor services April 18 – May 9 (Bring a chair or listen in your car!), indoors if it rains
Mobile Worship: Online at 10am

Easter Sunday kicks off our 6-week Life Notes worship series. There are certain experiences that can forever alter life as we know it. Encountering Jesus after He came back to life completely transformed the lives of many who were part of the 40 days after the Easter story. This unique time in Jesus’ life provides a powerful case study on the impact of encountering the God Who is still at work in our lives today. 

Fun Fact: Our Life Notes series is based off the concept of Field Notes. Field notes refer to qualitative notes recorded by scientists or researchers in the course of field research, during or after their observation of a specific organism or phenomenon they are studying. The notes are intended to be read as evidence that gives meaning and aids in the understanding of the phenomenon.