Prime Timers 50+

December 14, 2016 Blog


If you are in the prime of life at the age of 50+, you are warmly invited to join this group of fun-loving, seasoned folks for our many upcoming adventures and events! Click here to join the Asbury Central group and sign up for any of these fun opportunities in 2019.

Local Trips

NEW DATE September 6 | Bingo and BBQ, Friday @ 6-8:30pm

NEW DATE November 22 | Galaxy of Lights @ HSV Botanical Gardens, Walking Night, Monday, @ 5:30pm


Church Lunches

It’s never too early to reserve your seat! Invite a friend to join and let’s fill the Fellowship Hall at Asbury!  Click here to join the Prime Timers group on Asbury Central to make your reservation.

Fall Potluck | Thursday, October 3, 2019 | FREE

Christmas Lunch| Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | $15

Questions? Email Janet O’Hara.