True North? Sermon Series

August 16, 2019 andrea Blog


September 8 – October 6

Madison Campus
9:15am & 10:45am

Contemporary Worship | Building 4
Traditional Worship | Building 2

Harvest Campus @ 10:30am

The world we live in can be a confusing place. We hear one thing at school, at work, or in conversations with our friends, and then something completely different at church. It can be challenging to know how to make sense of it all, how to distinguish between what’s true and what’s not as we find ourselves in the middle of a culture of relativism. We’re told that truth is whatever someone believes is true. We can be filled with doubt, uncertain of what we believe or how to seek out the answers. and it doesn’t only happen with us adults – our kids and students are faced with ideas that can be hard for families to navigate too.

On September 8, we kicked off a new 5-week series all about tackling questions like What is truth? What is the source of truth? Is there right and wrong? As we enter the conversation together, our Kids and Students ministries are also working on resources that can help guide families in how to talk about doubt and truth too. We’re committed to creating a safe place to wrestle with our faith and encourage one another in our search for truth.

In fact, the first week of the series also marks the first week of our Alpha series, which provides a great place to delve even further into questions about life, faith, and meaning over dinner. If you’d like to learn more about Alpha that starts September 10, click here.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the questions we’re asking during this series, click here to check out our Right Now Media channel!