Why join an Asbury group?

When you’re part of an Asbury group, we pray you’ll experience how we care and grow as part of the Asbury family – together. Discover how we’re planting seeds to see greater things awaken in our lives, the life of our church, and in the world beyond. As you awaken to how God wants to use you to make a difference in His kingdom as part of the Asbury family, we believe that being part of a group is essential.

What is a SEED group?

An Asbury SEED Group focuses on four key components: Share, Educate, Expand, and Do. When you start to live life as part of an Asbury SEED Group, we believe you will learn how to pursue the full life God has for you. In Groups, we encourage one another through the ups and downs as we share life together. We learn how to embrace and extend grace as we seek to educate ourselves on the life God has for us to live. We expand and grow as the transformation in us is multiplied in others. We awaken to a life-giving purpose—that we were meant to do something for the sake of those whose very lives depend on it—for the sake of the harvest.

Join a Group

With the wide variety of groups at Asbury, there is something for everyone in every stage of life and faith, from young adults (19-34), couples, men’s, and women’s groups to Sunday Morning, work place, Bible study, prayer, care, and special interest groups. Find a group below, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find a good fit!


Sunday Morning SEED Groups

Sunday Morning SEED Groups are a great way to start building relationships with some of the friendly folks around Asbury before or after attending a worship service when you’re already on campus.

Weekly SEED Groups

Groups gather throughout the week too, some in homes, and others on campus which allows families with young ones to take advantage of Asbury KidsCare for ages 6 weeks – 5th grade.

Discipleship Bands

A discipleship band is a group of three to five people who read together, pray together, and meet together to become the love of God for one another and the world. Bands are not intended to be a replacement for other types of groups, but are intended to complement other groups you are involved with. Based on John Wesley’s Band methodology, Bands provide a focused context for in-depth discipleship over a significant span of time. To find out more about banded discipleship, visit discipleshipbands.com.

Start a Group

If you’re interested in starting a new group here at Asbury, that’s great! Contact us and we’ll help you get set up for success.