God is doing a remarkable work among Muslim men and women in Asia and the Middle East. I am continually amazed at how God is working in very unusual ways, to show Muslims His all transforming love and grace. We have one missionary family who is serving Asia, praying to reach Muslims with the gospel. Here are two stories from some of their experiences:

One evening, as Nick* was going to the ATM, a young religious man stopped him and in his native language asked, “Is Jesus Christ the son of God?” He’d been questioning and wondering for quite some time, but had no one to ask until encountering Nick. God no doubt directed Nick’s steps!

Since that evening, Nick’s was able to spend some time with Alan* and even took the kids to have lunch in his home one afternoon. Alan is so eager to know all the answers to his questions, but Nick’s greatest desire is for him to discover the answers from God’s Word.


Before going prayer walking with a teammate one evening, we prayed that when Karen* encountered a woman of peace the Lord would have her invite Karen into her home. At the end of Karen’s conversation with Georgia* she asked, “would you like to come to my house?” “When?” Karen replied. “Right now!” The Lord had answered our prayers!

Karen followed Georgia to her home. Shortly after arriving, Sheila*, came over and started pouring out her heart about her brother-in-law being sick in the hospital. As tears streamed down her cheeks Karen put her arms around them and asked if they could pray for his healing in the name of Jesus.

Since that time Sheila’s brother-in-law has died, Georgia’s dad was put in the hospital and Karen got to go pray for him. In a truly remarkable answer to Karen’s prayers, Sheila is very interested in the Bible stories Karen shares. God answered prayers to make a way for relationships with both Georgia and Sheila!

*Names have been changed

If you would like more information on how you can pray for this family, please contact Rhonda Dahlin at Rhonda.dahlin@weareasbury.com.