Imagine you are a single parent, or an older adult with limited financial means. Add to that a few of life’s common occurrences: the car is in the shop for repairs, a medical bill is past due, and a family member is in crisis. Now imagine it’s the coldest part of the winter. You are already behind with no end in sight. This month’s utility bill is so large there’s no way you can cover it. As you fall further behind, you sink deeper into a sense of hopelessness.

Unfortunately, this scenario is far more common than we realize. For those who live out this reality, the day-to-day stress can be overwhelming. But, thanks to organizations like Huntsville Assistance Program, help is available. Huntsville Assistance Program (HAP) is comprised of a group of neighboring churches and provides assistance to individuals and families in financial need in Madison County. HAP connects these individuals and families with local financial resources. They also make referrals to helping agencies who offer a variety of needed services, such as counseling and medical aid. In addition to referrals, HAP works alongside community organizations, agencies, and ministries who feel led to support our neighbors experiencing financial difficulties. This collaboration of volunteers, information, and financial resources of partner churches enables HAP to achieve their mission.

This week, we highlight Huntsville Assistance Program, our mission partner. Please lift HAP in prayer throughout your week. Specifically, pray for those individuals and families in Madison County who need ministries such as HAP. Remember also those who seek to assist our neighbors in need. Walking through painful life experiences with others requires attentiveness, compassion, and wisdom. As you remember HAP, pray that your eyes will be opened to needs around you and ask for God’s guidance and discernment as you respond. To learn more about HAP, click the image below.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”  Philippians 2:4