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Church Leadership

2017 Members of the Administrative Board

Appointed Clergy, Sr. Pastor Alan Weatherly Lay Delegate of Annual Conference Carolyn Owen
Appointed Clergy, Sr. Assoc. Pastor Tommy Gray Lay Delegate of Annual Conference John Hargraves
Lay Delegate of Annual Conference Carleen Cowles
Appointed Clergy, Assoc. Pastor Chris Montgomery Lay Delegate of Annual Conference Adair Seeman
Chair, Administrative Board Roger Von Jouanne Lay Delegate Alt. to Annual Conference Curtis Horton
Asbury School Gov. Board Rep Mary Lynn Botts Member at Large Bill Kennedy
Chair, Board of Trustees Mike Brodowski Member at Large Micky Evers
Chair, Asbury Weekday Gov. Board Hunter Williams Member at Large Jessica Wilkerson
Chair, Finance Committee Will Speed Lay Leader Matt Smith
Chair, Long Range Planning Marty Runkle Lay Leader Corinne Runkle
Chair, Missions Committee Dan Stokes Lay Leader Susan Vest
Chair, Prayer & Care Committee Winston Hedges Lay Leader Brad Burns
Asbury Kids Leadership Team Jessica Edwards Lay Leader
Chair, Staff-Parish Relations Comm Nancy Slaton Group’s Ministry Darren Charette
Chair, Thrift Store Board Lori Warren President, UMW Kathy Anderson
Chair, Worship Committee (Traditional) Recording Secretary Kim Alexander
Chair, Worship Committee (Contemporary) Treasurer Andy Green
Chair, Youth Council Vice Chair, Nominations Committee Sharon Speed
Minister of Operation & Support Bill Munts Youth Member