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Ever feel alone in your efforts to live faithfully? Jesus said He had to go, so He could send a better helper—the Holy Spirit. But how is He truly our helper? Living a life of faith can seem like a daunting task, but we were never meant to endure the journey alone. During this 3-week series, learn Who this Holy Spirit is living in us and the “how-tos” of living into the call of God for our lives through the Holy Spirit. Senior Sunday and Pentecost Sunday services are also part of this series.

Life on this earth is a battle. Jesus promises us we will have trouble, but also gives us hope because He has and will overcome. We experience struggle, suffering, and hardship but we are to do so while anchored in hope, surrounded by support, and empowered by God.

The journey of discipleship is the life of a follower of Jesus. Of course, it’s not an easy one, but you are promised a steady guide, hope along every step, and lasting impact no matter your story. Everyone is invited to be part of the journey - will you embark on its path to awaken to full life?

We are excited to have guest pastor Bryan Collier with
us, lead pastor of The Orchard that’s one of our Foundry Network partners in Tupelo, Mississippi. After teaching at the Men’s Retreat on Friday and Saturday, he will share a message with our entire church family on Sunday! Come learn how you can become courageous in your faith when it is fueled through intimacy with Jesus.

We are family. No matter your age or season of life, God has given you a very special part to play in His church that He calls the body of Christ. Whether you’re the littlest in your family, are learning what skills you have, got a brain for engineering, have a passion for teaching, or apply your gifts in other impactful ways, God has big plans for how He wants to use you.

During this series, we’ll get to see what it looks like to begin a walk with God and train for the journey. It may be full of ups and downs but its just as important as reaching the destination.

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