It all starts here.

As we press into our vision for 2021 of being fully committed followers of Jesus, we’re taking it all back to the beginning. Before we can know where we’re going to end up, we have to know how it all starts. We’ll start with exploring what it looks like to be made in the image of God and what implications that has on knowing who we are, where we fit, and why we’re here. Start your year with this 5-week series as we explore belonging, identity, and purpose so we can fully engage with the mission God has for us.

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Quick Links

Week 1

Imago Dei

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Dr. Tommy Gray

Week 2

Belong: Do I?

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Dr. Tommy Gray

Week 3

Identity: Who am I?

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Dr. Robin Scott

Contemporary | Chris Knox

Traditional | Dr. Robin Scott

Week 4

Purpose: What on earth am I here for?

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Carl Schoenholz

Contemporary | Carl Schoenholz

Traditional | Garrett Howell

Week 5

Baptism: A Sacrament of Belonging

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Dr. Tommy Gray

Contemporary | Dr. Tommy Gray

Traditional | Dr. Alan Weatherly