This series will focus on deepening discipleship including living generously. The final four sermons are based on Curtis Sergeant’s “The Only One.” The series begins with a baptism Sunday for Asbury Kids confirmation candidates and includes All Saints Sunday and Christ the King Sunday. This also takes place during our Gifts of Hope season of giving starting Oct 30 and includes a highlight of Orphan Sunday on November 13.

This 4-week sermon series will unpack 4 different key moments from the story of Ruth and will invite you to live radically for Jesus in the midst of loss and tragedy.

You’re invited to come figure out life’s challenges together as we hear powerful stories and inspiration from others who have learned life-changing lessons along the way about finances, marriage, family, forgiveness, and mental health.

No matter where you’re at in life, you probably have had some pretty big questions come up. People often try to answer based on life experience, but that doesn’t always answer these questions in full. Let’s take a deeper look together and see how God’s Word is the source of truth that can shine light into each of these areas.