Vision Driven Life

We are a growing family awakening to God and living on mission. So how does our identity as part of God’s family at Asbury drive our lives? When we partner with God to live out His vision of restoration for creation, that impacts our relationships with each other, with God, and with those who haven’t yet experienced the full life He offers. We have a role to fulfill in His Kingdom here on earth, and it’s time to live into it. Don’t miss this pivotal start to the new year as we pursue His vision together.

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Week 1

Real LIfe With Each Other

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile |  Dr. Tommy Gray

Contemporary | Garrett Howell

Traditional | Dr. Tommy Gray

Week 2

Full Life With God

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile | Garrett Howell

Contemporary | Dr. Tommy Gray

Traditional |  Garrett Howell

Week 3

Kingdom Life on Earth

Teaching Pastors:

Mobile | Dr. Robin Scott