Director of Local Missions

Full-Time, 40 hrs

Asbury Church seeks to generously share our lives and the gospel so that all people may fully awaken to the presence of God. We do this by embracing several core values. One of our values is MISSION. Simply stated, we will go next door and around the world in the power of the Spirit to share the extravagant love and redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Humanity’s eternal destiny is at stake. Local Missions at Asbury seeks to embody our vision by deepening relationships with local mission partners and through resourcing the church to live out mission in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and community.

We recognize we cannot do everything well. So, we link arms with local mission partners, each with a specialized mission in our community and region. These local mission partners are outside non-profits, community agencies, and in-house Asbury outreach ministries.

We take seriously the calling of every person to share the gospel. Our heart is to equip every follower of Christ to share their faith in simple ways as they go about their daily lives.

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 Resumes must be submitted to by midnight on August 12.


Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Part-Time, 15 hrs

Asbury is passionate about giving families from all walks of life the opportunity to experience worship as part of the Asbury family. Our special needs ministry offers kids, students, or adults a place to learn and grow in their faith in a safe and loving environment that is tailored around their unique needs.

To see the position details and qualifications for our position of Special Needs Ministry Coordinator, click here.

 Resumes must be submitted to by midnight on August 12.


Associate Director of Student Ministry

Full-Time, 40 hrs

Asbury is dedicated to pouring into the lives of our students. We are passionate about the next generation, and are currently looking for an individual to serve on our Student Ministry Team as the Associate Director.

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 Resumes must be submitted tohr@weareasbury.comby midnight on September 2.